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Landscaping {{mpg_city}}  – Why is it important and what do you need to know about it?

A beautiful garden is the result of careful planning and professional execution, whether you are a professional yourself. It is worth asking a specialist for help if you are unfamiliar with the plants at all, because although you can read afterwards, many times you will not be able to do the work as you would find it on the net. Plants don’t care what the place or time of planting is, and it can also be that a gardening professional has much more creative and better ideas, which will only make the end result even more beautiful in {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}}

Measure it {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}}

In each case, they make an accurate survey of the area, and most companies make a visual design where you can see the final plan. In this case, it is even possible to modify it.

The construction will take a while anyway, usually the design takes a good few weeks, the construction too, but if the weather conditions don’t allow it, it can take even longer. Depending on the plants to be planted, the price can change in {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}}

, it is a much bigger investment than if you start planting and grassing it yourself, but the end result is sure to be professional. It’s a matter of your wallet.

Is it beautiful or not?

Of course, there is no nice and less nice garden (well, but, everyone has seen a garden where weeds are right up to the waist and quasi-haircuts to an outdoor trash can) but basically a tidy style doesn’t really matter in a tidy yard. There are a few things to consider when designing a garden, whether by yourself or a professional. The first aspect is what the house itself is like in {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}}. For a renovated farmhouse with a traditional porch, e.g. a modern style garden does not fit at all, on the contrary, we do not load the garden of a minimal style modern building full of straw bales and a checkered tablecloth.

What is gardening?

Gardening includes, for example, the installation of an automatic irrigation system, grassing and planting plants. If we have an idea of ​​what kind of trees, bushes, flowers we would like to see in the yard, the gardener already knows which plant shows where best. He also suggests how the decorative covering should be made, or where we would like decorative lighting in the garden, or a swimming pool, where they should go in {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}}.

Leisure garden:

Today, the leisure garden is experiencing a golden age. The leisure garden is actually a larger, relatively empty beach, where children can play ball, play and dog. In most cases, it is characterized by simplicity, so this should be the aim when choosing plants. It is very important to choose a quality lawn during gardening, but in the case of ornamental plants, the main consideration is that if the ball flies, it does not cause so much damage in {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}}

Mediterranean garden:

As a result of building a Mediterranean garden, we can have a beautiful garden, but we must not forget that Mediterranean plants do not really like the climate in Hungary. That is why it is important what kind of plants we choose, it is worth getting only plants similar in style, e.g. bay cherries. In the case of trees, unfortunately, we have to forget about coconut palm and the Spanish orange tree, but umbrella-shaped figs or silk acacia can be a good choice. In addition, it is important not only to make sure that the plants are beautiful, but it is also important that they harmonize with each other, and of course it doesn’t hurt to fit the cover, the tubs, the furniture, and so on. It may seem macerous, but the end result is sure to compensate us. Since the main “accessory” to gardens of this style is sunshine, the plants need to be placed to get the most out of it.

Village garden:

The so-called village gardens have also become fashionable again. This style has been unable to take root in the urban environment for decades, but today urban people have also discovered its greatness. Such gardens represent a peaceful way of life where life slows down with noble simplicity. We can create a really homely atmosphere with a garden built in this style. The overall effect will be especially magical if a rustic house is paired with the village garden.
We can usually create a village garden if we have an area of ​​sufficient size. Folklore elements are an essential accessory for this type of gardening; the peasant car, the wooden barrel, the old iron wheel. We don’t have to worry about the folklore effect becoming exaggerated. These elements fit perfectly together. However, we need to be careful not to use imitations, as they tend to make you kitschy in {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}}

Hanging garden:

Although traditional gardening does not take place in this case, we cannot pass by without a word. They themselves are wonderful garden decorations that are suitable for bringing tight spaces closer to nature, which is why we prefer to use them in smaller gardens, and even hanging gardens are used to decorate the street front in most {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}}.
Such gardens are always full of joy, and the many hanging, hanging colorful flowers and plants can turn the facade of our house or other details of our garden into a truly fabulous one.

Minimalist garden:

As the minimalist style began to explode into the fashion for interior design and house building, so did the minimalist design garden. Absolute simplicity and refined shapes dominate here, flowers are almost non-existent, especially trees and shrubs pruned to the perfect geometric shape. Although it may seem extremely simple, the design and maintenance of such a garden requires great care  in {{mpg_city}} .

Japanese garden:

Such a garden is a reassuring sight (if you don’t think about the Japanese garden scene of Kill Bill), but we meet it relatively rarely at home. If we want a real Japanese garden, we need to have an area of ​​the right size. They often function as a walking garden and provide an opportunity for immersion and meditation. Their dominant plants are bamboos, Japanese black pines, mosses and ferns. The Japanese believe that stones have their own souls, so a traditional Japanese garden cannot exist without stones. At least such an important element is the placement of garden fountains, pagodas and ponds. It is a truly reassuring sight to have such a garden, but we rarely meet it at {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}}.

Winter Garden:

Today, the conservatory is not only used to store plants, they are also becoming increasingly popular as a full-fledged room. It was previously designed to suit the needs of plants, had to be frost-free in winter and provided a warm and humid environment in summer. nowadays, these rooms can even play the role of a living room, but they can also be ideal for indoor pools. In this case, tropical plants can also be placed indoors due to the steam generated. This version is not thermally insulated, so it is only for protection against rain and wind.

Especially for those living in the city center or in busier parts, a built-in terrace can be a great choice, as it allows us to smuggle a little nature into the apartment, where we can sit at any time and even surround ourselves with plants. it does good. During the autumn-winter period, people’s need for light increases, so natural light also has a beneficial effect on our mental state and health.

But what do we have to do if we entrust gardening to a specialist?

First, choose the professional that works best for you. Most gardening companies have reference jobs so we can make the choice easier. In many cases, a visual design is also made based on the ideas we have outlined, so we can anticipate the end result of gardening, and we can modify it if necessary before starting construction. If you have the right gardening company, you can come for an on-site survey. This is perhaps the most decisive point in the whole gardening process, as it turns out that our desires are in line with the characteristics of our plot. The gardening company will assess the following:

Plot boundaries – A scale drawing is also made of this
Placement of the house and any outbuildings on the plans
Marking of water, sewer, and electrical wires (if present in the garden, eg underground cable)

Gardening – preliminary offer, or how much is that?

Once you have this basic info, you can already make a preliminary quote on gardening. If we decide to cut into it, then planning can come. At such times, we are still relatively far from the end, to the final quote, and there are still a lot of issues to be resolved before construction can begin. What kind of plants do we want, will there be a pool, irrigation system, etc.

If you like the plans and accept the offer, a schedule of work can follow. In the case of gardening a large slope garden, we can count on a carport, paving, and a completion time of about 2 weeks, but this can of course be more or less, depending on the size and needs. What is absolutely important to emphasize is that a garden that is beautiful in the long run naturally requires care, and you don’t have to think about mowing the lawn once a week. It is worth thinking ahead, hedge trimming and writing, landscaping, preparing irrigation systems, and leveling may seem daunting at first and in many cases involve great destruction, but these are basic landscaping jobs that are prerequisites for a wonderful end result.

One of the most important stages in gardening is the irrigation system:

One of the most important issues in our gardening is whether or not there is an irrigation system. It is definitely worth thinking about, as we can leave our garden alone for a longer time later. With a precise design, we can get a reliable irrigation system in the long run if we use the right brand and install it professionally in our garden.
Here, too, it is worth focusing on good quality, it pays off in the long run, and we can save ourselves a lot of nervousness. We can save a lot of water with targeted, regular and accurate irrigation. Watering is basically not a very exciting task, and in the case of a large garden, it takes a lot of time out of our day. Sometimes we forget or during the holidays, in case of longer absences, we cannot ask anyone to take care of the garden.

Many companies also offer other services after completion of construction, such as maintaining the garden on a weekly or monthly basis. Of course, these are not included in the price of gardening, but if you don’t have time for gardening, it’s definitely worth thinking about.

The homemade robot watering:

The automatic irrigation system removes the burden of watering from our shoulders and the vegetation will always be beautiful and healthy. 8-12 liters of water flow through, which is the average water demand per m2 of lawn in summer. This is quite difficult to observe, as we do not see how much water we have sprayed on a given area. The larger the area we want to irrigate, the more water and time we need, which is not very economical. With irrigation systems, you can set exactly where much water is needed, so it will be a fraction of our water use.

As already mentioned, the structure of the equipment is very similar to that of a manual system. There are so many differences that other types of components are needed to operate, e.g. in addition to the piping system, a control cable is also required to ensure automated operation. Instead of manually operated valves, electric valves are installed.

Watering is controlled by a timer. You can specify how many hours to start and how many minutes to run. The zones can be individually programmed so that different plants can be watered at different times.

The advantage is that it does not require intervention, it works on the basis of pre-entered data, we do not have to be there to open or close it in {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}}

Of course, there is also a more professional version of this that can perform other functions as well. They also typically have weather sensors, so they can reprogram themselves. Obviously, a professional system is much more expensive than a basic automatic system.